All the founders and workers of Sannio Gourmet are lovers of good food and gastronomy. It seems trivial, but the concept of eating well stands at the base of our business idea, so we decided to share it with both the Italian and foreign market. The passion for the search of old fashioned and traditional flavors, and the desire to find those within local producers is our mission. We aim to supply a product that includes taste, tradition and quality.

Since the creation of Sannio Gourmet, we have been exploring the province of Benevento and the neighboring ones - the historic Sannio extends far beyond the borders of the current province in Campania - to find those examples of local craft production able to offer not only a flavor, but a history and a tradition. We crossed mountains, we went down into the valleys, over the Sannio rivers, we beat the most isolated countryside and the rich plains of our territory in search of unique stories concentrated in a dish, a wine and a dessert.

Moved by this curiosity for local gastronomic traditions, we managed to build a network of artisans and workers who wisely work their land with passion and historical knowledge. It is precisely the passion and history of eating that we propose to offer with our products. Consequently, we are not simply interested in selling the excellences of Sannio to third parties, but we have the mission to develop a gastronomic culture for the typical products of the Sannio, and to share it with our customers all over the world.

The values underlying our mission are different:

  • quality - all the products on Sannio Gourmet have excellent quality, following the standards and the production and processing regulations set out in Italy and in the European Union to guarantee high food quality.

  • research/uniqueness - every element in our lists is the result of direct personal knowledge with small local producers, or of a long and meticulous research carried out in the territory to find a unique and inimitable product.

  • added value - Sannio Gourmet offers the possibility of accessing and purchasing products otherwise unavailable through large-scale distribution in Italy and/or Europe.

  • short supply-chain - Sannio Gourmet is the only intermediary between customers and producers/artisans. The product you receive at home arrives directly from the manufacturer, where it is taken immediately after packaging, which is done in the traditional way.

  • personal service - Sannio Gourmet was born as a small local company and aims to remain that way in order to guarantee the provision of the most personal service possible to buyers and producers.

  • sharing stories - we care about the personal and emotional value the artisans give their products, and we aim to transfer this value together with the product, in every transaction.
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